After evaluating their commercial potential, NFI is awarding 22 million kroner in production grants to the feature films ‘When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town’ and ‘The Viking Saint’.

Kardemomme by2
When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town

Every year, Norwegian Film Institute hands out subsidies to feature films with a potential audience of more than 200,000 cinemagoers. Two types of grants exist; one for productions with a budget up to 15 million kroner, and another for films costing up to seven million kroner. A total of 16 applicants took part in the latest round for subsidies.
Earlier this year, two feature films received similar grants under the evaluation scheme.
The following films have received funding:

When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town

Director Rasmus A. Sivertsen and Qvisten Animation AS will collect 15 million Norwegian kroner for their family film ‘People and Robbers in Cardamom City’ - an animated version of Thorbjørn Egner’s classic.
Cardamom City is a little friendly town with smiling people, their own tram, and the world's nicest policeman. Admittedly, occasionally the baker and the sausage maker are robbed - but all in all, life in Cardamon town is idyllic.
Only three robbers living outside the town wall, Kasper and Jesper and Jonathan, suffer difficult times. They cannot take part in the festive Cardamom party, and at home there is chaos and a threatening, hungry lion. Therefore, the robbers decide to “steal” some help, and who better to help them than Aunt Sofie, a woman who gets things done.
Unfortunately, Aunt Sofie’s method means that the robbers in reality have to do all work themselves. In the end, they send Aunt Sofie back home and must return to crime.

The Viking Saint

Director Katarina Launing and Storm Films AS will receive seven million kroner in grants for ‘The Viking Saint’.
The production tells the monumental story of Norway’s eternal king, a tale told by Olav’s wife Astrid to their son Magnus, after the king’s death at Stiklestad in 1030. In this way, the man behind the myth is given life. Astrid’s report is filled with accounts of power struggles, sacrifices and fiery love, and her stories give life to the epic myth.